Flat Tummy & Fit Thighs in 7 Easy Ways

Gaining a flabby tummy and large thighs are common as you grow older. This is often due to lifestyle changes which includes lesser movements and poor eating habits. But do not worry as this can be resolved and you can achieve a flat tummy and slim thighs by following these tips and exercises.

1 Perform sit-ups.jpg

1. Perform sit-up exercises

An effective exercise that focuses on the stomach, do this regularly for 10 to 15 minutes daily or at least 2 times per week.

2 Walk or jog.jpg

2. Walk or Jog

Walking and/or jogging helps build and strengthen calf and thigh muscles, at the same time it helps to shrink those parts. Set a target for the number of steps or kilometres you wish to achieve and push yourself towards it. During these pandemic times, if you’re uncomfortable being out, choose a virtual run challenge instead.

3 Choose to ride a bicycle.jpg

3. Cycle in the evenings

Choose to cycle on your own or make this a family bonding activity! As motivation towards a better you, set a duration for your cycling activity and increase that duration every time you choose to cycle.

4 Join a Zumba class.jpg

4. Zoom a Zumba

As Zumba is considered a high-intensity workout, dance the fat away for 30 minutes or an hour-long following easy-to-learn steps. If you do it regularly, Zumba is a fun and effective way to burn belly fat.

5 Use a jumping rope or hula hoop.jpg

5. Use a jump rope or hula hoop

Did you use or play with these items as a child? Well, it is time to either dig them back out from the storage closet or get new ones. Spend between 10 and 15 minutes daily and use the jump rope or hula hoop at home to get the body moving and sweating.

6 No fatty food intake.jpg

6. Reduce fried and fatty food intake

Instead choose to grab your favourite fruits and opt for healthier snacks that are less in calories and/or filled with nutrients your body needs!

7. Practice a balanced and healthy diet

If you’re unsure on how you can kick this off, use the Ministry of Health’s My Healthy Plate. This balanced diet will help you meet your nutrient requirements while cutting down the risk of obesity with portion control.

My Healthy Plate is an easy-to-understand visual guide, designed by the Health Promotion Board. It helps you adopt healthier eating habits, which in turn can help you better manage your weight and ward off chronic diseases.

Quarter, Quarter, Half is an easy way to remember the right proportions of each food group in a well-balanced meal. Here’s how:

  • Fill Quarter plate with wholegrains
  • Fill Quarter plate with good sources of protein
  • Fill Half plate with fruit and vegetables

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