PY 2021 New Achievers Virtual Recognition (Dec2021)

Another year, another win! Despite all the challenges that COVID-19 has brought about, it has also cultivated many successes! On 11 December 2021, Amway recognised 3000 pins during the PY2021 New Achiever Virtual Recognition, an event which honoured the effort of the first batch of Amway’s achievers.


While the new normal has changed the way we celebrate special occasions, that hasn't put a stop to the celebrations. Over 13,000 viewers joined our host Sharizan Borhan in not only congratulating this year's achievers, but also shared good wishes, sent virtual flowers and watched the inspirational sharing from the achievers at www.amwaypy2021recognition.com. The website received close to 30,000 visitors as of end Dec 2021.

Capping Off 2021 in Style


To kick off the occasion, Managing Director of Amway Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei Mike Duong welcomed the achievers and viewers in a welcome speech that encapsulated the continuous efforts and commitment shown by the achievers and Amway Business Owners (ABOs) throughout 2021.


This was followed by a rallying keynote speech delivered by Asha Gupta, Regional President, Asia & Chief Strategy & Corporate Development Officer, who congratulated the achievers and acknowledged the resilience of ABO Leaders in Malaysia & Brunei and their businesses.

From there, the event switched into high gear as the first quiz was held for the viewers. A total of 50 winners with all correct answers won a RM50 GrabFood voucher each. Next, the Bronze Pin achievers were duly recognised for their hard work and effort to attain what we're sure is the first of many pins in their journey with Amway!

The first batch of Emerald achievers kicked off their inspirational sharing session via recordings by recalling their journey of overcoming the challenges brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic and breaking barriers with their continued goal of helping people live healthier and happier lives. Following this, Amway then recognised their Silver & Gold Producers before gathering the viewers to participate in the second part of the quiz!


The event continued on with the recognition of new Platinum achievers, followed by the second batch of Emerald achievers sharing session that surely motivated the achievers and all ABOs to continue striving for greater success.



Next was the recognition of new Ruby and Founders Platinum achievers. After a great sharing session with another batch of Emerald achievers, Sapphire and Founders Sapphire achievers were also applauded for their achievements.


Spirits remain high with Emerald and Founders Emerald achievers continuing their sharing of their personal journey with Amway and the ways they've adapted their business before and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Their success despite the hardships brought by the pandemic is proof that a great spirit and mindset of perseverance can achieve great results.



The night was capped off with the grand finale of the riveting speech delivered by the exclusive guest speaker Executive Diamond Wayne Tan & Joanne Looi who shared their experience on how they attracted Gen Y’s into the business and how others can do the same. May this event be an inspiration and motivation for all ABOs to aim for their next level of success!

Stay tuned for the second round of celebrations on 19 Feb 2022 to recognise new achievers from Jul to Aug 2021.