Beauty Begins from Within


The production of collagen (protein in your skin) in your body decreases by roughly 1% yearly from the age of 25. By the time you’re 60 years old, you would have lost almost 50% of collagen!

Is this a health concern? Yes of course! Collagen is needed for healthy and glowing skin, thick and shiny hair, strong nails, good cardiovascular health and even gut digestion.

To educate the importance of collagen and how it makes you glow on the outside and feel better on the inside, a Nutrilite Mixed Collagen Peptide Drink rally took place virtually on 22 August 2020.


Titled ‘Beauty Begins from Within’, the rally kicked off with much fanfare by Joanne Chong, Head of Marketing, who explained the need for a collagen peptide drink and how banking in on supplements that combine both health and beauty can help revolutionise your Amway business.

Powerhouse Ingredients

Speaking solely on the benefits of collagen peptide and how it helps protect your skin and nourish your body was keynote speaker Dr Clark Chen, Nutrition Investigation Scientist from Amway China’s R&D Centre.


Dr Chen said a combination of marine collagen oligopeptide, plant peptide and natural plant extracts are powerhouse ingredients that will bring maximum skin and health benefits, proven via researches conducted by his team at Amway China’s R&D Centre.

Following his presentation, the 2,000 viewer-strong Saturday afternoon rally also saw five Amway Business Owners (ABOs) sharing their product testimonials after using it for a specific period.


Founders Platinum Maisarah Ramli, Founders Platinum Tabitha Vimal, and Founders Sapphire Joanne Chia all said as full-time working professionals, they are often subjected to harsh weather and do not have the time to take care of their skin and health.

Upon using the Collagen Peptide Drink for at least two weeks, they experienced positive skin changes on the outside and felt healthier on the inside.

The rally ended with 10 ABOs walking away with a Nutrilite Mixed Collagen Peptide Drink box after participating in a Facebook contest that was held during the event.

Intrigued to know more about the Nutrilite Mixed Collagen Peptide Drink?

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