4 Steps to Get Rid of Body Odour


Like it or not, everyone has body odour. Some experience mild odour, while others may be embarrassed by strong and unpleasant scents. There are many causes of body odour; these include hormonal changes during puberty, medications, foods you eat, caffeine or alcohol consumption, and even stress. However, the predominant causes of body odour in most people are poor hygiene and excessive sweating.


Sweating by itself is a natural detoxification done by the body to rid itself of toxins, and sweat by itself is mostly odourless. However, when sweat comes into contact with bacteria present on the skin, the build-up of sweat and grime creates an unpleasant odour. Thus, the key to reducing body odour is to address its underlying factors – namely the bacteria and dirt on the skin.

How to manage body odour

Bad body odour can be effectively controlled with the right changes to your daily routine:

  • Shower well with a good antibacterial soap at least twice a day and especially after strenuous activities such as working out at the gym and running.
  • Make sure your skin is completely dry before using any skincare products or getting dressed because humid environments can lead to an increase in body odour.
  • Choose natural fabrics such as cotton and linen over synthetic fabrics as they are better suited to absorbing sweat in our country’s hot and humid climate.
  • Finally, use a powerful anti-perspirant deodorant. The anti-perspirant will keep sweat at bay, while the deodorant will mask any lingering body odour with a refreshing, gentle fragrance.


What kind of antiperspirant deodorant should I use, roll-on or spray?

While roll-on deodorants are preferred by some as they are discreet and easy to carry, deodorant sprays can be more efficient at tackling body odour as the deodorant spray forms a protective layer on the skin that dries in seconds.


Tackle body odour with the natural properties of G&H PROTECT+ Deodorant & Anti-Perspirant Spray

G&H PROTECT+ Deodorant & Anti-Perspirant Spray is gentle on skin, stain-free and offers up to 48 hours of odour and sweat protection with its exclusive blend of natural ingredients, making it great for those with sensitive, delicate skin.

Each natural ingredient is carefully chosen for its odour-neutralising properties. Antioxidant Bilberry Extract and White Tea Extract help fortify the skin and protect against environmental damage while Natural Minerals provide antimicrobial properties. In addition, Vitamin C helps combat the risk of cell damage that causes ageing and darkening of the skin as Lichen Plus helps control sweat and inhibits odour formation.

With G&H PROTECT+ Deodorant & Anti-Perspirant Spray, you can continue your favourite activities without letting bad body odour get in the way. Let the natural properties and refreshing scent of this anti-perspirant deodorant spray give you the power to feel confident again.