Here’s Your Quick Solution to Diaper Rash

The arrival of a newborn baby is a joyful occasion, but it also comes with sleepless nights and small worries as any new parents will tell you. One such worry is diaper rash. Most parents are likely to have experienced at least one, if not more episodes of diaper rash with their baby at some point.

But what exactly is diaper rash?

Diaper rash is a commonly occurring rash on the buttocks of the baby. It usually starts off as a mild rash but, if it is not tended to promptly, the rash will persist and soon become severe. This can be extremely uncomfortable and painful for the baby as their soft, tender skin becomes irritated and sore. In extreme cases, small blisters may form and break the baby’s skin, leaving small specks of blood in the diaper.

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What causes diaper rash?

There are various reasons why diaper rash may occur. The most common cause is prolonged contact of the baby’s bottom with a soiled diaper. The baby’s urine or stools contains irritants and enzymes that are naturally excreted from a healthy body. These excrements soften and weaken the outer layer of the skin, rendering it more vulnerable to bacteria which causes the rash to break out.

Oh no! How can I treat diaper rash?

As the saying goes, prevention is better than the cure.

The most important factor to minimise diaper rash is preventing it from getting worse. It is important to keep the baby's skin clean and dry, so it’s advisable to change the diaper as soon as possible after the baby has soiled it.

When changing a diaper, a few simple details should be noted. The baby’s bottom should be cleaned thoroughly with water and cotton wool or unscented wipes before being patted with a soft towel until completely dry. Also, a thin layer of barrier cream may also be applied to the baby’s skin to shield it from irritation.

Be sure to allow your baby some nappy free time with the bottom exposed to air on a soft dry towel, as this gives the skin some time to breathe. Additionally, consider changing your baby’s disposable diapers to cloth diapers. Today, a large number of parents prefer using cloth nappies such as the Lovely World Cloth Diapers, because they are economical, reusable, better for the baby, as well as environmentally friendly.

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Lovely World Cloth Diapers for Smooth and Soft Baby Skin

Lovely World Cloth Diapers are made of allergy-free, natural organic bamboo microfibre material which is soft to the baby’s gentle skin and contains antibacterial protection.

Available in two colours, these diapers are worth their price tag as the one-size-fits-all elastic band means you can adjust the size as your baby grows. Start from the size S (3kg) and use it all the way through until your child is potty trained with size XL (18kg) as the final size.

Not only that, these cloth diapers are absorbent and waterproof, yet comfortable enough to allow for perspiration evaporation. The diaper set includes 1 cloth diaper cover, 1 normal size insert and 1 overnight insert.