7 Ways To Stick To Your Exercise Routine

When you are working for yourself, you know the importance of setting goals, managing your time and creating positive habits. It’s no different with exercise.

Applying some of the same thinking to your exercise routine can also help you reach your exercise goals. Try these fitness and productivity tips to lead a better and healthier lifestyle.

Change Your Attitude

If you think of exercise as a chore, something you “have to do”, you won’t want to do it. Instead think about it in positive terms, as something you “choose” to do or “want” to do.

Visualise The Results

One of the habits in Stephen R. Covey’s book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ is visualisation. Next time you’re lacking motivation, picture yourself happy, energetic and enjoying a delicious meal after an invigorating exercise session. Or envision yourself crossing that marathon finish line or looking sleek and svelte in a new outfit.

Be Prepared

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Don’t leave it until you’re ready to work out to find your exercise clothes or decide what to do. Plan out what you’re going to do beforehand. Layout the appropriate gear, your water bottle and protein shake so that they are waiting for you when you are ready to exercise.

Put It In Your Calendar

Schedule in and treat your workouts, just as you would a work meeting. By writing it down or putting it in your phone, you are actively prioritising exercise. Plus, it’ll be harder to make excuses like being too tired or not having enough time.

Make It A Habit

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Like brushing your teeth, exercise can be something you do every day without thinking about it if you make it a habit, according to some personal trainers. They suggest starting out small with very short and easy exercise sessions, so you have no excuses not to do them. As the habit becomes established, you can build on it.

Make It Social

Plenty of fitness trainers and gyms are streaming their classes on Zoom, Skype and social media. By working out with others online, you might be less likely to give up halfway through or bail altogether. Some people say it also helps keep you accountable.

Forgive Yourself

If you’ve had a long day and don’t end up exercising, remember you’re only human. Instead of feeling guilty, hating yourself or deciding you will never be able to get fit, forgive and congratulate yourself on what you did achieve.

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