Emerald & Sapphire (Oct 2020)

Emerald Howard Chew & Cannas Koon

Batu Caves | Jason Lee Kum Kheung


Howard realised that he needed to start his own business to be successful. Shortly after, he met Emerald Jason Lee Kum Kheung, who taught him that a successful businessman must live up to the 'human-oriented, integrity first' principle in his quest to build a sustainable career.

We’re also grateful for the advice from our mentors Crown Ambassadors Steven Lim & Angeline Lee, “An outstanding man isn't necessarily smarter than you, but he is definitely more self-disciplined and more efficient. If you don't push yourself, then the fate of your whole life may be at stake! When dealing with people, always be grateful and uphold your integrity.”


Not many people can make it to the pinnacle of success as most of us doesn't persevere long enough. Thanks to the dedication and support from our team, we have achieved our dreams. We have also expanded our business network to other countries.

With Amway, you can enjoy success at a young age. So, strive to add the most value to your abilities while you're still young. The most joyful thing in life is to prove your critics wrong via your accomplishments!

Sapphire Alvin Ice Chen Chee Soon & Lau Wan Nee

Ayer Itam | Kit C K & Lee Huey Sin


I used to be a professional dancer, DJ cum event planner, while Wan Nee was a beauty consultant cum freelance model.

While I was able to do what I love for a living, as time goes by and my financial responsibilities grew, I realised that making a living had to take precedence. Hence, I decided to put aside my passion and looked for better ways to make money.

That’s when the Amway Business Opportunity knocked at our door. After gaining a better understanding about the business, we realised that it could be our source of passive income. So we put in the effort to build our own business while helping others live a better life, which is one of the values we're passionate about.


Our effort has started to pay off, and my wife and I were invited to join Amway-sponsored trips. Now, we can afford to pursue what we really enjoy doing without worrying about making money.

We are grateful for the support of my family and team members. Everything that we have achieved today is all thanks to you. Remember that your choice always matters more than hard work alone.