Choosing the Right Air Purifier

Keep the air you breath Clean With SKY Air Treatment System

Finding the right air purifier

With so many brands of air purifiers on the market, it can be hard to make a decision. So many choices! So many sizes and shapes and colours to choose from! But it’s more than just aesthetic that you have to consider when it comes to keeping the air clean in your home. Here are some things to think about when choosing the right air purifier.

One size does not fit all

There are two things you need to consider about size: the size of the room you want to clean and the size of the air purifier unit itself. The size of an air purifier unit of course affects its efficiency, but it’s also about its power. Desktop air purifiers might be ideal for smaller spaces, but it might not clean the air of the whole room.

The size also affects the amount of energy your air purifier needs. Buying an industrial-sized air purifier for your studio apartment guarantees efficiency, but it will also guarantee high electricity bills.


The features are naturally a top priority when buying an air purifier. You want to get something worthwhile investing in, but you don’t need all the bells and whistles that come without providing an added benefit to your air purifier. Some important features to consider are:

  • WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity – this allows you to monitor the air quality of your room at any given moment and to control your air purifier from your phone even when you’re not home.
  • Energy-saving – going green for the environment (and your wallet) is always an added benefit. Look for models that come with an Energy Star rating to prevent power wastage.
  • Real-time air quality checking – great for always keeping track of your air quality at any moment.

Of all these features, there’s one that is most important to think about:

HEPA filter

This acronym is often mentioned any time someone talks about an air purifier. But what exactly is a HEPA filter? HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particular Air filter. That means a HEPA filter is a filter made of tightly-woven fibres that trap particles like a very intricate spider’s web. A good HEPA filter can trap particles as small as 0.3 microns or more.

However, HEPA filters are not all the same. Some air purifiers boast a ‘HEPA-like’ filter, which isn’t the same at all. Other air purifiers combine HEPA filters with additional layers of filtration to provide even more efficient cleaning and odour reduction.

Common technologies combined with HEPA filters include things like carbon filters, ionising air filters and UV filters. Each of these components provide different benefits and uses, depending on the kind of protection you want from your air purifier.

Putting it all together

So now that you’ve learned the basics of what to consider when choosing an air purifier, it’s time to put it all together. One air purifier available that meets all these criteria listed is the Atmosphere SKY Air Treatment System.


  • WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity? √
  • Energy Star rating? √
  • Real-time air quality checking √ (and even touchscreen controls!)
  • High quality 3-layer filtration system, including – HEPA filter, pre filter and carbon filter √
  • Effectively cleans the air in a room measuring 465 sqft in size √

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