Can You Lose Weight Naturally With Thermogenesis?

Having struggled with obesity for many years, Mikail had always wished for a natural and simple way to manage his weight. He was tired of being overweight and longed to achieve his ideal body shape but he didn’t feel he was ready to give fitness a go. 

One day, he was taking a walk through the park with his good friend, Lina, when she told him she would start running shortly. “How do you do it?” he asked her. 

She turned to face him, her skin radiant with the healthy glow of exercise. “Do what?” 

“How do you have so much energy to exercise all the time? You make it look so easy!” 

Lina sat down on a bench and cracked open a can of XS Energy Drink. She offered it to Mikail with a smile. “It’s easy when you’re passionate about health and fitness.” 

Mikail shook his head. “It’s not easy for people like me.” 

“What do you mean?” 

He sighed. “You’re a personal trainer. Health and fitness is your job. You burn calories 9-5 and help others do the same. I work at a desk all day. The only exercise I get is going back and forth to the office pantry for coffee and water – and taking the stairs if I’m lucky enough to remember.” 

She nodded. “I understand. It must be tough.” 

“It is. And when I do get to exercise, it hurts because I carry a lot of weight and I don’t always have the energy for daily workouts.” 

Lina smiled. “Have you heard of thermogenesis?” 

“Thermogenesis?” Mikail repeated. “What’s that? Is it painful?” 

“Not at all. Basically, it’s when your body generates heat to naturally burn fat on its own. It’s a natural process, but you can encourage it by adding a few key ingredients to your diet.” 

“Oh? Like what?” 

“Well, there’s Moro Blood Orange Extract, for one.” 

“Moro sounds like something that came from The Lord Of The Rings.” 

“No, Moro Blood Orange is the most highly pigmented of citrus varieties. It comes from Sicily, Italy and is rich in antioxidants. Research has proven that Moro Blood Orange Extract lowers body weight and BMI (Body Mass Index), reduces waist and hip circumference and improves body composition1.” 

“Are you serious?” 

“Yes, and it reduces fat formation2 too. Also, look out for sports nutrition products with ingredients like Isomaltulose and L-Glutamine. Isomaltulose gives you a steady supply of energy and increases endurance3, while L-Glutamine promotes muscle strength and recovery4.” 

“Wow, sounds like it’s time to go shopping!” 

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